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Strike a pose

Prince of Tennis Alternate Universe(s)
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This is the Prince of Tennis RP that is dedicated to exploring as many AU posibilities without completely losing our sanity.

It starts with a theme or a premises and from that point on the players warp their character to fit into this temporary AU world . Each scenario spans out over two months at the end of which we start fresh with another theme.

Example: If our current theme is "Greeky Mythology", Atobe may be assigned to be Apollo. When two months pass and we pick a new theme, such as "Fairy Tale", Atobe may be assigned to be a Fairy Godmother. The roles for your characters are chosen completely at random and there's no telling what kind of role you'll be assigned the next time around. Your job is to adapt and let your imagination and character free in the new AU.

CURRENT THEME: MODELING. Runways, fashion designers, stylists, photographers... it's a beautiful life.

Possible future themes: Greek Mythology, Asylum, Retirement Home, Inferno/Paradiso, Fairytales, etc...

Since this RP changes themes every two months, the concept can be a little confusing.
1. RPing will be done primarily via AIM. If there are large group logs or conflicting timezones au_rp is available for RPing via LJ.

2. All completed logs should be edited and posted on the main comm. Please label all your logs with the characters participating, a summary, and warnings/ratings as they apply.

3. The mod(s) will announce the new theme a week or two prior before it starts. For each theme I'd ask that each player write a short bio written for their character(s) to give everyone an idea of how they can interact in a certain universe. This isn't anything to break brains over or to spend too much time on. Just a general idea will be fine.

4. Please give us your character's history within two weeks of the announcement just so we know if your character is going to be active or sitting out of the particular round. If you're going to sit out because you are busy with real life or have no interest in the new theme, it'd be nice if you replied to the announcement anyway just to let us know of your decision.

5. If a player sits out for one theme they must partake in the next if they want to keep their character(s).

6. Please have on log [minimal] per a theme if you are participating. If a player fails to post one log for a theme even if a bio was submitted it will be counted as if he/she sat out that round.

7. No switching characters. If you want to pick up another character you cannot simply switch. Feel free to apply for the character through the application though.

8. Two characters max per a player. If you want to pick up a different character and you already have two you must first drop one before you can apply again.

9. Be as cracky or as serious as the scenerio calls for.

10. And of course all the usual rules for RPs apply, everything that falls under respect for other players ALWAYS applies.

Please send your applications to rouge.cerise @ gmail.com

LJ username:
Aim SN:
Sample RP: (please write an opening tag in third person for the character you're applying for as he/she would behave in canon. It can be about pretty much anything, tennis practise, school, going to the burger place, etc. as long as it is in character. You basically have to convince me that you know your character well enough to warp him multiple times and remain in character.)

You're character's role will be assigned upon the approval of your application. For each new scenerio you get to keep the character(s) you've applied for but they get to take on a new role each time, depending on the theme.

Character - Player Name - AIM

+ Seigaku +
Inui Sadaharu - Mina - Minakorei
Kikumaru Eiji - Cnd/Jessica - SchuldichS
Kaidou Kaoru - Miko no da - Chibi Miko no da
Horio Satoshi - Erin - adam970

+ Fudomine +
Kamio Akira - Eda - cherry pop sour

+ Yamabuki +
Sengoku Kiyosumi - PTB/Sen - PTB77095
Taichi Dan - Kei - solitary ryuu

+ Hyoutei +
Atobe Keigo - Cnd/Jessica - SchuldichS
Oshitari Yuushi - Karen - x n0rthernstar
Mukahi Gakuto - Mikka - FreedomsMirage
Ohtori Choutarou - Miko no da - Chibi Miko no da

+ Rikkai +
Yukimura Seiichi - Kaga - Ice Kagami
Sanada Genichirou - Kaga - Ice Kagami
Yanagi Renji - Harpy - harpadonnehereu
Kirihara Akaya - Karla - gottabegenki
Niou Masaharu - Yun - blackprodigynn
Marui Bunta - Harpy - harpadonnehereu