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Regarding applications

Thanks to Karla [love you <333] there has been a sudden in flow of apps :D;; It'll take me a few days to reply but I assure you that I am getting them.

I apologize if the application information was unclear, I'll go over what I want again (hopefully with more clarity) here.

- write as if this is the first tag of an RP with anyone


- alternatively you can write this as a short drabble or monologue focussing on your app character.

Your application should show the following:

- that you have a solid grasp of the character as he is present in the series
- a distinct style of writing that fits your character
- a decent control of grammar (I'm really loose on this since my own grammar is rather wretched)
- some degree of skill as far as RPing goes

The application should be written in third person.

If anyone is rejected and has any questions I'd be willing to point out what exactly I felt was lacking.
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