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Ready, Set, Go~ <3

Hello~ I've finally decided to start this RP. As mentioned way in advance the current theme is modeling and here are the role assignments for the first round.

Okay you all (the cast) are part of a charity fashion show. A generous sponsor has taken care of the expenses and is hoping to use this show to raise money and awareness for children with AIDS (I decided on this because I just got a phone call and somehow ended up donating money so um yes). You've all been roped in and everyone is prepping for the big day of the show.

Inui Sadaharu - designer
Kikumaru Eiji - crew
Kaidou Kaoru - model
Horio Satoshi - designer

Kamio Akira - model

Sengoku Kiyosumi - photographer
Dan Taichi - crew

Atobe Keigo - model
Oshitari Yuushi - designer
Mukahi Gakuto - photographer
Ohtori Chourtarou - model

Yukimura Seiichi - stylist
Sanada Genichirou - photographer
Yanagi Renji - model
Kirihara Akaya - crew
Niou Masaharu - stylist
Marui Bunta - model

Most of them are pretty straightforward but I thought I'd post this up as well, just in case.

Crew people will be in charged of setting up the fashion show. This varies from worrying over the backdrop and directing people to where they're supposed to be. Anything you can think of, feel free to incorporate it into the job. If I've made your character part of the crew he can be anything from some kind of roadie to the artistic director.

Models are rather obviously the pretty people. They'll be taking part in the runway show. In the history you can say they prefer one form of modeling over another but for all intents and purposes we're going about this scenario as if they're preparing for a charity fashion show, they'll all be doing runway for that one thing at least. Each model will be dressed by one of the designers and will spend the prep period working with him. You can only be dressed by one designer so please talk to them about this <3

Designers you get to play dress up with real live dolls <3 The scenario operates as if the the designers have volunteered to participate in this charity fashion show, in exchange they get to choose their models (Two per a designer) and dress them up however they see fit. Talk to the models about this, the contact information is up. Once you've each decided on who's dressing who please notify me, I'll put that up along with the bios.

Stylist another self explanatory job. I left the title vague you can be anything from a make up artist to a hair stylist. You'll be working in collaboration with the designer's style, make the models look good or do they look like yesterday's trash? It's in your hands.

Photographer every fashion show needs photographers. You can be interested in the production aspect or in the actual run, it doesn't matter just snap lots of photos :D Be intrusive, be polite, it's all up to you <3

I'm inclined to allow all sorts of freedom in the bios as long as they still fit within the given role, so have fun, don't worry too much.

This will vary from game to game. This time these are the facts that I want to know.

Brief History:

This does not need to be long at all, if you do want to add more detail it's completely up to you, this is the minimum that I expect.

The roles will not be changed unless you have a very good reason and I don't have an example of a case in which this would be allowed. Since there aren't a lot of players yet (pimp, people, PIMP ♥) I'm hoping to start the actual playing within one week of today <3 Please sent your short character bios to the rouge.cerise email. I'll post them all in one post to avoid periodic spamming. Once all the apps are in the game begins :3

Have fun brainstorming <3

P.S. Please check the name and contact information in the community info. Just ping me if you want anything changed ♥
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